Mike Bloor先生,欧洲轮胎         


The “TechGorMet-21 Century” Conference, took place in St. Petersburg, Russia on November, 14-16, 2012. The underlying theme for this conference was “New Technologies for Mineral Extraction and Processing Control”. Over 200 people from over 12 countries participated in this International Scientific and Practical Conference.  During the conference various issues were discussed such as process and production control systems in mining and industrial safety systems.



Meir Dubinsky, Chief Operating Officer of Eurotire, supported the event with a Eurotire sponsorship while Mike Bloor, Commercial Director at Eurotire, was among the honored delegates selected to share beneficial information to an audience made up of potential clients and existing Eurotire customers who were anxious to learn more about technologies which assist in running more efficient mine operations, eg: man less mines.  In his “Too Big to Fail” presentation, Bloor stressed the importance of developing a “smart service” methodology that is aimed to decode mine site data into corporate level KPI dashboards for use in the boardroom.


Meir Dubinsky作为欧洲轮胎的首席运营官,代表欧洲轮胎公司赞助了本次大会。欧洲轮胎的商务总监Mike Bloor先生荣幸的作为与会代表发言,和欲迫切了解新技术以协助高效运营的潜在客户以及现有客户分享了有益的信息。例如:减少采矿人员,节约成本。在他的大而不倒的演讲中,他强调了开发一个智能服务系统的重要性,这种服务旨在把矿场数据解码成集成的关键绩效指标(KPI)仪表盘,以供管理者使用。

Bloor began by relaying astonishing figures on tire production. He indicated in actuality, it takes a full year’s production and about 400 trees to make ONE large mining tire for the 220-ton mining truck. He went on to state that within a couple of hours of improper tire handling, mining companies can waste many natural resources if they approach the product with a “tires are just consumables” attitude — as well as human labor and transportation costs. Moreover, Bloor advocated the use of Smart Service technology in managing today’s mines “from the boardroom” as well as other benefits realized when taking advantage of Eurotire’s Eurocare program. Bloor further explained that Smart Service technology focuses on monitoring a customer’s valuable assets, their OTR tires, remotely. Previously, these assets were left unmonitored causing huge, unnecessary, financial burdens.




Bloor先生以轮胎生产中的惊人数字开始他的演讲。他表示,实际上,要制作一个220吨卡车用的工程轮胎,需要花费整整一年的时间并耗费400棵树木。他接着表明,矿业公司若抱着“轮胎只是消耗品”的态度,那么几个小时的轮胎使用不当,则可能浪费大量天然资源,以及劳动力成本和运输成本。此外,Bloor先生阐述了使用从操控室就可以掌控的智能服务技术来管理现今矿业的重要性,以及使用欧洲轮胎的欧洲轮胎关爱服务(Eurocare)给矿业企业带来的利益。 “Bloor先生进一步解释说,我们的智能服务专注于远程监控客户的宝贵资产,及其工程轮胎。在此之前,这些资产脱离了监控,造成了巨大的不必要的财政负担。

Many delegates and organizers stressed Mr. Bloor’s presentation was one of the most informative and interesting during the conference. Eurotire continues to illustrate a passion to go Beyond Boundaries in an effort to keep changing the status quo in the Mining Industry.­­­



About Eurotire: OTR mining tires are Eurotire’s business, their only business. Focusing on the world’s emerging mining markets, Eurotire designs, manufactures, and provides full life-cycle management to maximize the efficacy of each bias ply and all steel radial tire for haul trucks, wheel loaders, and other heavy support trucks. Eurotire operates offices on five continents, including some of the most remote and demanding surface mining applications. For information, please visit: www.eurotire.net.


关于欧洲轮胎:OTR工程轮胎是欧洲轮胎的事业,他们唯一的事业。着眼于全球新兴矿业市场,欧洲轮胎设计,制造,并提供全生命周期的管理服务,使安装在运输车,轮式装载机及其他重型机械车上的每一个子午线轮胎和斜交线轮胎发挥到最大限度。 欧洲轮胎在全球五大洲都设立了办事机构,包括一些最偏远和最苛刻的矿山路面。有关详细信息,请访问:www.eurotire.net


About G. V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute and Technical University: The University is Russia’s oldest higher education institute devoted to engineering. Located in Saint Petersburg <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Petersburg>, the institute is one of the oldest mining schools in Europe, and home to one of the world's finest and most exclusive collections of gem and mineral samples. The Institute was founded on 21 October 1773. This year marked the 236th class of graduates with over 3,000 students graduating!